Candlelight and Books=4-Peat for Mackey

Candlelight and Books=4-Peat for Mackey

By Robert Forto, PhD

Four-time Iditarod Champion, Lance Mackey, will go down in history as the only musher (to date) to do the unprecedented, win the Iditarod four times in a row.

Mackey, 39, was born and raised in Alaska. The back-to-back-to-back-to-back Iditarod Champion and four-time Yukon Quest champion and current record holder says he began mushing “at birth.”

“I grew up around racing and the Iditarod. I was at the finish line in 1978 to see my father, Dick, win by one second. In 1993, my older brother, Rick, won. Both my father and brother won wearing bib #13 in their sixth Iditarod.” says Mackey.

Mackey’s finish today was like no other in history. Not only did he win the ‘Last Great Race’ for the fourth time in a row, he did it in typical Mackey style with little to no-rest and blowing past the competitors, King, Anderson, Baker, Neff, and 2010 Yukon Quest champion, Hans Gatt. In an interview this year on the website Mackey explains how he prepares for racing the Iditarod with little to no sleep at all. He explains that he starts off by turning out all the lights and turning the heat on full blast and reads by candlelight. He increases the time each day until he has no problem staying up for extended periods of time.

The winner of this year’s Iditarod wins $50,400.00 and a new dodge truck. Does Mackey really need another truck? He has won the prize the last four years in a row! I think last year he claimed a new car for his wife Tonya. He does have three children: Amanda, Britney and Cain, all of driving age. Maybe they can start a Mackey convoy!

Citation: The Official Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Guide 2010.

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Dr. Robert Forto is a musher training for his first Iditarod in 2013 mushing under the Team Ineka banner. Dr. Forto hosts a radio show, Mush! You Huskies that can be heard at Dr. Forto can be reached through his website at


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