Daisy the Stray, Mixed Breed Dog

“Daisy the Stray Mixed Breed Dog”

By Al Magaw

Daisy charmed herself to a New York City family on vacation at a lake approximately thirty miles from the city. The family befriended her and gave her all of the food and love she demanded. After a short time, Daisy delivered four healthy puppies, which also received the love and care of the adopted family.

When the summer ended and the human family had to return to their home in New York, they gave Daisy and her puppies to a permanent resident neighbor. They felt that Daisy and her puppies would be happier in the freedom and space that the country offers, rather than their Manhattan apartment.

About three weeks after their return to the city, they heard a scratching at the apartment door. When they opened it, there was Daisy, carrying one of the puppies in her mouth. It was a happy reunion and nothing was too good for Daisy and her puppy.

The next day, Daisy was gone. The family scoured the neighborhood but with no success of finding Daisy. About five days later, Daisy came back with another puppy. This went on until she had her four puppies under the roof of her human family.

How in the world was she able to find her human family in an apartment she had never seen, in a city the size of New York? Nobody has a clue, and ESP would seem to be the only answer.”

It could be possible for “Daisy” to scent the tire tracks of her family’s vehicle, though I think extremely unlikely that a mixed breed dog would have that ability – I have read of a bloodhound being able to follow the fresh odor of human sweat coming from inside of a moving vehicle through heavy traffic, but from the sound of this story, any “sweat” given off by Daisy’s family wouldn’t have been fresh enough to follow – I have to put it down to another mystery of canine ability.

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Al Magaw is a musher from Salmo, BC. Al keeps a medium sized kennel of 20 – 45 alaskan huskies as well as several pet dogs of various breeds. Al has been training and racing for the last 33 years. Before becoming involved with sled dogs, Al, along with his family, kept and competed with horses for many years. Al can be reached through his website at http://www.spiritofthenorthkennels.com Al is a guest blogger for Denver Dog Works and can be reached through our website at http://www.denverdogworks.com


2 Responses to “Daisy the Stray, Mixed Breed Dog”

  1. 1 Lori Lee June 22, 2010 at 6:42 pm

    Beautiful story Al, seems almost too good to be true. But with my experience with dogs nothing is impossible. Their love and devotion for their people and their pack is limitless. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.
    Lori, Windsor Ontario

  2. 2 Al Magaw June 23, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    you are welcome Lori – the story did make me wonder why the owners didn’t help get the other puppies after the 2nd one was delivered, but perhaps we don’t know the whole story – Al

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